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Hot off the Press

  • Hypertec is getting a face lift and refreshing its brand. Look for our new website to be launched in February.
  • WE'RE HIRING! Join us in shaping the world of tomorrow. If you have what it takes and want to be part of a winning team, many new positions are now available.
  • CIARA launches new KRONOS R810-G4 rack mount workstation.


The lie detector was invented in 1921
Tetris makes its first appearance in the United States as a PC game in 1988. 
 Yahoo buys GeoCities for $3.65 billion USD in 1999
Thomas Edison patents the electric incandescent lamp in 1880
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Is Your Company Ready to Use Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality?

Discover how Mixed reality is used in the modern workplace.

5 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Data Center

Discover how to maximize the efficiency of your data center.

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SOLIDWORKS World 2019 

FEB 10-13

Dallas, TX
TITAN 2208-G4, KRONOS 740-G4, KRONOS 840-G4 & KRONOS R810-G4

COExperience 2019

FEB 24-27

New Orleans, LA
TITAN 2208-G4, KRONOS 740-G4, KRONOS 840-G4 & KRONOS R810-G4

Meet Odyze Wright, Tech Geek - Blogger – another rising star at Hypertec.

Odyze Wright recently joined Hypertec as a content blogger. He provides a wealth of useful information and a wealth of useless information. He has a particular sense of humor but usually likes to stay anonymous and in his corner, where he cannot be found.

He loves to read about trends and stats, interesting IT people in the news, new technology and product launches, and how vertical market leaders are transforming their companies with the latest industry innovations. 

And if that was not enough, Odyze is a gamer – a big fan of e-sports. He tries to go to the gym once a week, but can most often be found working out on the couch in front of the TV. He is fond of animals but hasn't yet decided on a house pet. 

As for his bucket list, he is living it one day at the time… Odyze is proud to have received a degree in computer engineering from McGill University.




High Performance Workstations 

CIARA offers high performance workstations designed to target the most demanding CAD, CAE, 3D and post-production software. The KRONOS workstations are quiet, purpose-built energy-efficient and optimized to boost profitability as well as workflow productivity.

Talk to a CIARA specialist today to help you select the products that best suit your needs.